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Dogs and maggots...

Question that is ugly... my neighbours 13 year old lab was found to have maggots the other day. I gather around her genitals she was licking and when they checked they saw worms all over her. They took her to the emergency vet because it was so late. They shaved her and cleaned her up, had to sedate her and cost $700. I gather they were just told to keep her clean and dry.

Any ideas on what else they can do?? The husband thinks she may be leaking urine so I told them to get her onto Stilbesterol (sp?) for incontinence. He said they had used that a while ago, I told him to try again.

Has anybody every tried washing with a water / apple cider vinegar mix?? Would that help to change the environment that flies may not want to land and lay eggs on the poor old girl? She's very over weight and lazy so I guess just lets the flies do their thing.
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