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Sick iguana pls help

I have a 16 year old male iguana.
He has small lumps on the neck like inflamed tonsils.
When I open his mouth the color looks normal but the most inner part of his mouth does look significantly larger and inflamed than usual.
When I touch his neck he reacts as if it hurts.
Everybody at home had a really bad cold recently and I'm thinking he might have caught that.
Is it possible for iguanas to catch a human cold?
Also recently he had a vitamin B1 deficiency (muscle spasms and paralyzed hind leg).
I gave him some B1 and that fixed it immediately, I'm pretty sure I gave him an appropriate dosage, could the inflammation somehow relate to that?
If this is not the right forum and nobody here can answer my question, could you please refer me to somewhere where I can get some help (forum not vet).
Thank you.
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