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Kidney disease and hip fissure

Hello friends! I haven't posted in a while but I'm always keeping a eye and through Facebook.
It's been quite a ride having a baby and all.
I have 2 important questions that I hope someone can assist me with or give me some advice.

1.- An acquaintance of mine on a cat group on FB has a cat she loves very much with kidney disease and she's very worried and frustrated because she has lost her appetite. What can you advice either for her appetite and/or to ease her kidney, purify it with alternative medicine. please

2.- Recently our Latis jumped from a wall and she has a fissure in her [scratch hip it's not the hip] sacroiliac bone we've seen the X-Rays and the vet says there's no displacement or total fracture so she needs pain killers and rest but I wonder if that would be enough for her hip to heal?
If you have experience with anyhing like this please help.

Thank you so much. Soon I'll be back posting pics.
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