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How long ago was he neutered? Sometimes it can take a few months for the hormones to work their way out of their system, especially if they've already reached sexual maturity.

Originally Posted by Kittyfostermom View Post
There's no sign of accidents, I've gotten down on hands & knees to check. is it possible he's spraying even though he's neutered?
One way to check for urine marking is with a portable UV light, like this one:

You can find them at some pet supply stores (I know The Cat House on 16th Ave. N.W. has some). Make sure it's dark out and you turn off all your lights when you use it. Urine glows bright yellowish/green under UV.

So, once you've determined if there is some sprayin going on, the next thing you'll want to do is eliminate its existence so kitty doesn't keep getting reminded that he needs to re-spray those spots. I personally am a big fan of Zero Odor Pet (also found at The Cat House and at Fairplay), and although it isn't cheap, I think it works better than any of the other products I've tried (including Nature's Miracle). Multiple applications are sometimes required in heavily sprayed areas. Don't be stingy with it!

As for why your foster boy might be marking, again, could be residual hormones, could also be from stress (I have a stress sprayer myself), or it might not actually be "marking" but more to do with elimination (as in, perhaps he didn't like the cat litter at first, or the boxes weren't clean enough for his liking at the time, or he was confused and forgot where they were, etc.).

Another product that can help if this is related to stress is Feliway, either in a plug-in diffuser or as a spray. It mimics the "happy pheromones" that cats rub on stuff with their cheeks and chin. It's cheapest if you get it online (Amazon has it), but Petsmart carries it for not the worst price in the world.

Make sure you have at least one box per cat, plus one extra, and that they're scooped twice a day minimum, just in case his issue is related to cleanliness (appologies if you already do that - but I thought it worth mentioning). If he was outside for a while, he may not be used to sharing his bathroom with other kitties. Some cats are just really fussy like that.

The other thing is that it may not actually be him that's peeing around the house, it could possibly be one of your resident kitties. Maybe one of them was feeling a bit put out by having a new roomate. Feliway could help if that's the case.
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