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Neutered male still spraying?

I brought home my new foster kitty today (#43 in my roster!), he's here to gain some weight. He was found as a stray at approx 5 months old. He's my first male foster since I adopted my 2 girls Pepper & Indy- 5 and 7 months old. I've seen him use the litter box, and when he has to go I've watched him stop playing and run to their box in my laundry room but I can smell a strong urine odour in my bedroom and by my front door. There's no sign of accidents, I've gotten down on hands & knees to check. is it possible he's spraying even though he's neutered? Both of my girls are spayed as well. If this is a normal occurrence I may have to stick with female fosters, my landlord won't be too happy if I return a literal pee pad to him! If it's an uncommon behavioural thing specific to this kitty I'd like to work on it so he doesn't end up back at the shelter.
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