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Safe bed bug treatment with cats in the house

Hi everyone,
Well, there is a bed bug infestation in my building and some were found in my place. The exterminator came and during 5 hours after, I stayed outside with my cats in a big crate, as per told by the exterminator. This was on July 3rd. The exterminator is coming back on the 16th, as this is a 2 part treatment.
I threw out all the beds and box springs as I was told to do so, as well as the beds. I did the sanitation of all bedding, towels, clothing in the house and threw out almost all my belongings just in case...
I still have the couch in the living room. And this is the only piece of furniture I have left asides from the dining room set.
I would really want to avoid having to throw it out.
I inspected it very good and found no obvious infestation as I saw on the mattresses and boxsprings.
I vacuum all over it and removed the under cloth to be able to vacuum there as well, in case there are eggs and bugs.
I found 3 live bugs in the past week, and some dead ones.
I spray a whole bottle of alcool under the couch and the seams every day to kill and sanitize it.
I vacuum it all over for about 15 minutes daily.
It was a very exensive cloth couch.
I am really worried that there could be more or some bugs still in it.
I read that diatomeous earth can be used in the couch and that it will kill the bugs.
My questions are:
Is it safe to use with my cats around?
Has anyone ever had this problem and have cats?
Do anyone have specific products to reccomend? (I live in Canada)

I read on the bottle when I was at the store that its 'safe with pets', but I want to be really sure, so any advice is very much needed.
I am planning on buying this product tomorrow after dinner.
The specific products avail to me at my local store ( I have no car to go to other stores further away) are

Chemfree insectigone bed bug and flea killer
GreenEarth bed bug and crawling insect killer dust

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