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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
Chris you will never forget your beloved Harley. He was a beautiful boy and a cherished family member. We also lost our senior dog last year and have recently introduced two puppies to our 12 year old lab. It's hard to say really how she feels about it. Now as overwhelmingly happy as I had hoped, at least not yet. There are signs of hope, but it has stressed her somewhat. If you really want to get another pup, could you take her somewhere to see how she interacts with some puppies? If you found a breeder that you would like to get a pup from would they let you bring Sydney over for a meet and greet to see if she's receptive or not? It's worth a try.

A for Harley and a for you. You are among friends who understand.
Thanks Dee Dee for your words of encouragement. I'm still on the fence about adding a new dog and I've been doing a lot of thinking. If I replace Harley, I think I'll do it with a mature male... a dog that doesn't require as much fussing as a puppy would. Anyway you slice it, Sydney will probably be jealous for some time. She's a real princess, and very possessive of me. This is why it's such a difficult decision... I don't want to hurt Syd's feelings, but my love of animals is bigger than me...................
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