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Originally Posted by shirley1011 View Post
but MyBirdisEvil...what was the outcome of the results from the tests done on your poor dogs.

I have always thought so much about them and how much you and your hubby cared for them....Walnut was such a sweetheart..I so enjoyed meeting him.
Believe it or not I STILL don't know. It's not the vet's faults, it's the lab, and they're not sure what the deal is with them. Makes me wonder if it wasn't some weird chemical that's not real common and that's why it's taking so long . If it was something common like rat poison you'd think the results woulda come back pretty quick. It's already been about a year and as far as I know it generally doesn't take more than 6 months.
Luckily though my other dogs are doing just fine just so everyone knows (I still have Bheka and Morgan, and I have a little old dog I just inherited from my cousin who passed away. I'll post some pics soon.)
I still have most of the kittens too (well, cats now). And with the flooding there's even more animals homeless, so I guess they're here to stay.
That's pretty cool, MBIE. What do you plant them in--some sort of special substrate? I like the ones toward the center the best--are those the tiger lotus? The stems make such a graceful arc.
They're red tiger lotus, yes.

Everything is planted in Eco Complete plant substrate.

Bettas really don't try to eat other fish btw (maybe small fry at the most). But they sometimes don't get along with other colorful fish similar to bettas. Most fish are way faster than them though, even the shortfin plakat varieties like mine. Plus bettas are pretty lazy, so they get bored after awhile of not being able to chase down the other fish.
Shrimp, though, are like little betta treats to many of them. Even if they're pretty large shrimp they'll rip them apart. The last one mine ate, he was carrying around the decapitated body flaring at me and shaking his head back and forth as if he was extremely proud of himself. He came right up to the glass to display his prize .
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