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Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
I am just going to add,it's never too early to teach little ones how to behave with pets,no pulling tails,no chasing etc...
Absolutely! I so completely agree. It amazes me how many parents I know just seem to let their toddlers do whatever they want to animals without any guidance and expecting the dog/cat to just accept it all (not saying that's what's going on here!). I recently had some friends of mine and their 2 year old son stay at my house for the weekend () and I found I had to be the one to keep telling the kid not to go stomping up to my elderly cat and smacking him on the head. Must admit, I smirked a little when the kid got a smack back from Aztec. He wasn't hurt, but it scared him enough that he started crying and carrying on. Made him think twice the next time. Unfortunately those kinds of interactions have resulted in Aztec hating children more than he already did.
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