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Originally Posted by 350z View Post
There is some fighting but it's just Minou establishing boundaries with Ciel.
Do you mean actual scratching/biting kind of fighting? Or just hissing and growling? How often does this occur, and how long has it been going on? I'm asking because it could indicate a high stress level between or with one of the cats.

Originally Posted by 350z View Post
However, once we brought my now 21 month old daughter home from the hospital, Ciel seemed to become jealous of my daughter. At first, he was curious but then that quickly switched to resentment.
It might actually be more related to fear and stress than true resentment. To many cats, the jerky movements, high pitched crying and squealing and strange smells of a baby are something to be wary of.

Originally Posted by 350z View Post
He is now more aggressive towards her and will even hiss as well as put himself in an attacking stance whenever she is in the same room as him. Despite this, all returns to normal when daughter is in her crib for bedtime.
Now that your daughter is moving around, Ciel is probably even more concerned for his safety around this unpredictable creature. I know it seems like he's being aggressive, but I'm betting that it's actually a defensive behaviour. One thing for sure, I would never leave them together unsupervised. Have you ever scolded Ciel for his actions around your daughter? That would likely make things worse as it adds to his anxiety.

Some things you could try: put a couple of Feliway diffusers around the house, which have a calming pheromone only cats can smell. Flower essences like Bach Rescue Remedy may help as well. Make sure you have at least one tall cat tree or other places up high (bookshelf, window perch, etc) that Ciel can go to to get out of the baby's vicinity but still be with his family.

Otherwise, I think you just have to be patient and extra loving to Ciel to help him feel comfortable again. Maybe develop a routine with him using some play therapy (with wand or fishing rod style toys, or tossing play mice around, or a laser pointer, etc) at the same time every evening if you can. Or if he likes to be brushed or petted, give him some dedicated one-on-one time that he can look forward to. Cats thrive on routine and feel more confident when they know what to expect. Part of Ciel's issues may be due to his whole routine being turned upside down with the arrival of the baby.

Good luck!
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