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Originally Posted by lindapalm View Post
It also dawned on me that he said the meds are chicken flavored, and we think chicken is what caused his allergies and this problem, so I'm going to have him change that

Would Amytryptline work the same as Gabapentin, he is on that?
Just on the flavoured drug thingie.....there may be NO chicken in that chicken flavour he used! It may simply be a combination of gawd-only-knows-what chemicals/substances that apparently resembles chicken flavour. Was there any particular behaviour or reaction in Spencer caused by chicken...and, have you seen that again now?

I'm a little confused.....are you saying he's on Amitriptyline now?

Amitriptyline is used as part of multi-modal pain, perhaps this Vet is unknowingly providing more than the Bup towards relieving Spencer's pain! I'll give you a not-too-clinical reference about using more than one drug for pain control right here: http://todaysveterinarypractice.navc...-pain-in-cats/ . Here's the chart from there showing the three classes of drugs - Amitriptyline in the "adjunct" category. (I was given Gabapentin from that group.)

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