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Congrats for the kittens!

I do agree that food is very important!
During gestation, I fed Stibule 'Oven Baked' brand kitten food kibbles I kept her on that food the whole time she was nursing the kittens...she nursed them until they were 3 1/2 months old!
I simply left the food out for her to eat at will.

I also gave her about 2 cans per day of canned food that was for kittens, but I don't remember the exact brand, except that it costed something like 2$ a can...
The kittens started eating this canned food with her at around 3 weeks of age.

I would be extra extra carefull that the mommy Dino-cat doesn't go outside, and this for many reasons...
If anything happens to her (hit by car, taken by people, etc) your parents will be left feeding the kittens themselves! And helping them 'go to the bathroom...'
I had to be surrogate mommy cat to one kitten once, she was 2 days old, and it was feedings every two hours... I did not sleep for 2 months!!!
Also, by going outside, she can get in fights with other cats and contract a number of illnesses, one of which FIV, are non curable.
The aspect of cleanliness is also important, if she goes outside, she can bring back all sorts of filth and 'cooties'... and pass this on to her kittens.
Best she stays inside until the kittens are weaned.
Better safe than sorry!

As for pictures, I used a desk lamp that my son would hold over the nest while I took pictures, and it never seemed to bother mom or kittens!

best of luck with the little ones, can't wait to see pictures!

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