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What this person did is wrong. First of all I don't believe in beating any animal, but by the time they attempted to correct what he/she did (if they read him correctly) was too late. He/she has no idea what they did wrong, all the horse will learn here is to fear his owner/people.

I don't know a lot about horses although I did a lot of riding when I was younger and reallllly miss it. Miss everything about it, I think I even miss the grooming and getting ready for a ride more than the actual riding part.

I remember two horses from my lesson days in particular. One was a grump that liked to bite and kick anyone that tried to groom him and get him ready for a ride. He was quick and somehow managed to kick his front legs out to the side to get you. People would always have a crop in hand when they would go near him, ready to give him a wonder he was grumpy, people were mean. Well one day it was my turn to ride him and get him ready, I did what I always did, went in blind as if I knew nothing about him. I would quietly talk to him, let him sniff me and always kept a hand on him so he new where I was. It went well, got him out of his stall and into the cross ties. He started to get a little on guard so my mom who always came with me, stood infront of him and gently talked to him, while stroking his face and rubbing his ears. He became so relxed he looked as if he were about to fall asleep. We had a great ride and when we were done and getting him ready to go back to his stall he was nice and relaxed.

A little love, tender hand and patience goes a long way.

Another horse was owned by two young girls who smacked him around all the time. If he was fidgity when putting the bridle on, they smacked him(he then hated being bridled), smacked him for all sorts of stupid things. It got so he would hide in the back of his stall and wouldn't look at you when you went it...guess he was waiting to get smacked for breathing. I did my usual thing. They happend to be there and told me to be "careful, he's mean". Umm no your mean, I had no problem getting him ready, putting his bridle on which he hated was a breeze. Again I am no expert in anyway with horses, I just feel that being kind and paying attention to their body language goes a long way. I loved that horse and was lucky enough to get ride him almost every time I had a lesson.

I have had a few good painful bites from horses over the years, been stepped on, thrown off and almost trampled. I have to say all of it was my own fault, when I would look back to why these things happend, well I just wasn't paying attention. I am sure that there are a few horses out there that can be a jerk and try to show everyone how big they are, but I am sure there are ways to deal with it without beating the crap out of them. Whips/crops have their place like menitoned but they are tools and need to be use in a proper humane manner.

Again I don't know a lot, just from what I have seen first hand and experienced.

Gee I sure miss being around horses, they are just so amazing. Sorry this was so long, in a rambling on mood.
"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language." ~ Martin Buber

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