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all breeds can bite

I own a husky/lab mix, I believe he is very well socialized to all people and dogs. He is over 3, and has never bit anyone. He loves children and only wants to lick and be petted. I have two children who have never had any reason to be afraid of dogs, I however have been bit. Saying all this, I have tought my children and I practice, never to approach any dog of any size unless you have permission from the owner. A dog in pain, a misstreated dog etc do have the potential to attack. No one knows this until its too late.
In this case, the dog was likely nervous..they are a nervous breed and should not have been put in a cart in a noisy store. The owner should have left the dog at home. From what I understand the dog does not like to be left alone..go figure what dog does? The store should have stuck with the policy of no dogs. So here we go, who do we blaim? The store, the owner, the person bit or the dog? I think that it was an unfortuanate event..the owner I am sure has learned to keep her dog at home, the lady bit; will never go near an unknown dog again and the store has put a total ban on dogs (unless service dogs)
Should we ban the breed? No. Should that dog be put down, no! The owner is being fined.
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