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Siberian Husky Has Slight (But Constant) Vaginal Bleeding

I have a Siberian Husky (spayed) that is 11 years old and was cared for in Ecuador for the last five years by my wife's parents. We brought her to Canada six months ago. She has been having some vaginal bleeding for the last 12 days or so. We took her to the vet and they did x-rays and told us that she had a urinary tract infection and sent us on our way with some anti-biotics, saying that we were lucky that she doesn't have stones.

The anti-biotics are finished and she is still bleeding. My vet is out of town until Thursday, but the nurse had me bring in a urine sample. She said that there is no blood in the urine and the results of the sample show that she does not have a urinary tract infection. She says that I have to wait until Thursday to talk to the doctor to see what else can be done.

Should I wait for the doctor or bring her to another vet? What the heck could this be? She is pretty much leaking a very tiny bit of blood all day (you can see it on a cloth if you wipe her or if she sits on the floor).

Additional background: We had a non-cancerous fatty tumor partially removed from the dog about 4 months ago (it was partially removed because some of it was so embedded in the muscle that they couldn't get it out without damaging the muscle itself). My wife's dad also said that she usually bled like this once a year or so for about 2 - 3 weeks. I'm not sure that I trust her dad as he is getting up there and does not always give the most accurate information. Could it be that they did not properly spay her while in Ecuador?
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