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We had been looking at adopting just after we had purchased our condo in February of the year and had researched and looked at dogs for about 2 months. We had submitted an application to a rescue but had not heard back after 3 weeks and had looked in our local shelter but didn't see any dog that fit our lifestyle. Then one Monday I saw Duke on petfinder and couldn't stop looking at him because his description sounded perfect. He was a stray that they named Duke, he was found wandering with another beagle who they named Daisy. I finally called the shelter on Thrusday and we decided to take off Friday to drive up there to meet him after signing some papers at the bank.

When we got there they took us into this small building that looked like a shed. There were wire cages filled with about 10 dogs, all of whom were going crazy barking and jumping for attention. We walked up to the front of one cage where this little ball of beagle was laying there not making any sound or movement. When I got to the cage, he decided to slowly make his way to the entrance and just sat there. We opened the cage and the lady put a leash and collar on him and brought him outside. When we got him out he came alive smelling every inch of the place. Then when I got down on my heels he immediately turned around and jumped up in my lap to sniff me. That's when we knew he was coming home with us. After we got everything signed and paid, he was happy to hop in the car and sit on my fiances lap as we drove home. Everyone there was so sad to see him go, but they were happy to know we were keeping the name they gave him. He is a perfect boy that settled in the minute he walked in the door.

About a week later the rescue approved us, even though the dog we enquired about was gone. After about a month with Duke and realizing how much he loved other dogs, we decided we had the room and time for one more. We set-up everything with the rescue and were torn between two dogs there, a min pin called Buttons and Toby. After meeting Toby and introducing him and Duke, we picked him right away and have never regretted it. These two fit together so well that I can't imagine one without the other. They are called the twins in our building.

I only have one pic from before we got our boys.

This is Duke's pic from the shelter on petfinder:

Duke at home:

Toby at home (wondering what is wrong with his brother):


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