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Cat running and pooping

I'm experiencing a very similar problem and have not found the solution. I changed food, had her urine tested, had her on a stool softener, and all to no avail. My cat is peeing and pooping out of the box, and always running like a crazy cat as she drops poop all over the house.

I now have her sequestered in my bathroom with two different litter boxes. Oddly, she frequently runs into the linen closet when I enter the room. Sometimes she will sit on the edge of the bathtub. Sometimes in the closet.

She has peed on the window sill, on top of the vanity, in the sink and a few times on the tile floor. The other night she totally soaked the bedding I put in the linen closet. Just yesterday she finally peed in one of the boxes. She doesn't drink much water at all, and I've shifted her to all wet food so she gets more water. My vet thinks this is all a behavioral problem! It's interesting to read that someone else is experiencing the same thing, but what's the solution?
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