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i picked up a Canon PowerShot A620, 7.1mp, 4X optical zoom

i *love* that i can just keep taking consecutive pictures until my card fills up. most cameras stop at 5, 25, 30.... mine just doesnt stop. the lense is a higher quality so the pictures are very crisp. very easy camera to learn on, grows with you. the swivel screen is a MUST also. wouldnt have it any other way.

a dislike? im always afraid the cover to the output/input is going to fall off. it just SEEMS flimsy. im pretty rough on my cameras and it hasnt hinted at falling off yet but still.... it just FEELS like it should fall off on a whim.

and you can get it for as low as $150. how can you beat that?

now if i could go back?? id have waited for the SD 800 IS.

im such a snob.

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