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i used to think pit bulls were the meanest, most ficious dogs. not from my own experience; just from what i'd heard about them. then about six years ago, i met my husband, and what did he have, yup, his very own red nose pit bull named Ceaser. Needless to say, i was terrified of this dog, and he could sense my uneasiness. so everytime Ceaser was around me, he'd either jump on my lap, or lay by my feet. he was the sweetest, biggest lap dog i'd ever met. perfectly house trained and wonderful with kids. he was purchased by my husband in las vegas, nevada. although after he passed on, we purchased another pit in corpus christi, texas where we live. her name was Porscha. however when she became a young adult, she started peering at you when you walked by and practically getting in attack position. but once she growled at my daughter, we took her to a pet shelter. i told them how she was acting; i couldnt risk her hurting my daughter. we've never owned a pit since. but i dont discourage buying one. just be smart, we didnt pay a lot for Porscha, and she wasnt from any well breed bloodline. Ceaser, however, was registered in Nevada and came from an excellent bloodline. so i think, when your wanting to by a pit bull, which is an animal that has been known to turn on its owner, check the bloodline. no matter how well you raise your pit, the bloodline it came from, i feel, has a lot to do with how the dog will turn out. unfortunately, the courts arent harder on animal cruelty, especially when it comes to pits. i think, if your breeding a pit to fight, and the dog has to be put down, then so should the owner that made him that way. maybe then people would think twice about breeding them for such horrible purposes. the courts need to stop fining people, thats the biggest load of crap. you can sell one bred to fight pit and then turn around and pay your fine for breeding it.
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