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RazielAzzan, about your puppy

This is what you wrote:
First of all we dont have any good vets in my country and barely found one
he gave my dog which is about maybe 3-4 months old I found him as a puppy so i dont know

he gave him anti-biotics shot I think

So i took him home now he wont move and breathes heavily
I called the vet he said there were no sedatives in that shot
Now I am freaking out help me please : (

What he had before was diarrhea and vomitting and serious lack of abetitie"

From what I understand, you took your dog to the vet, the vet gave him a shot, and now your dog won't move.

Please ask the vet what shot was given, if it was Convenia. Some animals can have a fatal reaction to this antibiotic shot. This is about cats, but the same problems can be seen in dogs:

I would also ask the vet if he gave any vaccinations at the same time.

If your dog has something like parvo, he may need the vet to give him fluids. Parvo can be very tough to fight.

I am very sorry your puppy is so sick.
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