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Looking to adopt or rescue a pet?

If you are looking to adopt or rescue a pet you are making a great decision.
You are helping to solve the problem of pet overpopulation and you are saving a pet's life.

The best places to adopt or rescue from are the SPCA, your local humane society, from shelters and rescues all across North America and from many Internet websites.

The largest of the Internet websites is and they have hundreds of thousands of pets. On that site, at the top of the Banner, beside the Petfinder Logo, you will see Pet Search, click on that. You can either then do a Quick Pet Search or an Advanced Pet Search depending on how much information you already know about the type of pet you are looking for. You can narrow it down to what area you live in or broaden your search to a further radius. Itís a great tool to find a pet.

We also have listings for pets in the adopt a cat or adopt a cat section of this forum. NOTHING makes our rescue team happier then when one of their pets finds a permanent home. So please do take a look at those listings.

If you are looking for a particular breed of dog or cat you should know that there ARE many many rescue groups and shelters that cater to specific breeds.

Once again we'd like to applaud your decision to consider rescuing or adopting a pet. Shelters all over the world have too many pets and the GREAT majority of those pets are sadly put to sleep.

Thank you for being part of the solution.