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I am extremely negative towards vegetarianism among animals and children.

Let's understand. A dog (Canis lupus familiaris), this is a predatory squad, a family of dog dogs. I wonder where we have predators who voluntarily gave up meat. Next, the fans veb. nutrition assure that their dogs almost voluntarily switched to such food. Yeah, maybe they even asked ... It's much simpler, it's the psychology of animals. Faithful dogs will do absolutely everything for their masters to please them. Also what means have passed? They simply stopped giving meat-containing products. However, the choice can also be different. For example, a dog accustomed to certain tastes can easily prefer a piece of a loaf with butter and cheese to a piece of excellent tenderloin. Almost all dogs like sweet, chew carrots, cucumbers, etc., but to conclude that they do not need meat, somehow it is not right.

Some write that eating meat is dangerous. It is a pity, and did not find why. Yes, dog predators have become omnivores, ie can eat everything. Teeth, by the way, in dogs are genetically predisposed for gnawing, cutting and ripping of meat, but not for chewing. Gastric juice by composition, too, has not changed.

Dogs vegetarians need constant veterinary control and should regularly take synthetic vitamins and preparations, which, incidentally, are also synthesized from other animals.

In general, my opinion is clear to everyone. Of course, the consequences of a vegetarian diet will not manifest so soon. Which allows you to make "correct" conclusions. But the negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract, on the condition of the teeth, the metabolism will be.
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