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Our BB passed

We lost our BB last evening at about 7:25 pm. She had her 14th birthday in February. She suffered from Hyperthyroid about a year and a half ago, but the side affects damaged kidney, liver, and gall bladder. On April 30th she took a turn for the worst. Yesterday we had to go to Thunder Bay. When we returned I took her up her supper at 7 o'clock. She did respond by moving her head and I went back at 7:25 and my wife had said that she had already passed. I picked her up to carry her to the bedroom and at that time she coughed a couple of times. I could feel some murmur in the heart area and by the time I laid her down on the bed..... a couple of minutes passed and there was no more feeling of life in her body. She was gone. At our age this is very devastating, especially when you had a gem like BB. She will be greatly missed. It's as though she waited until we were home to say goodbye before crossing the Rainbow bridge.

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