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Hi ellesmommy . First off, Elle is just the most scrumptious little girl .

I think the problems you are having with her can pretty much be resolved with some basic, and consistent behavior modification. Have you done any training with her at all on your own? Like sits, downs, leave its, etc? That's the very first place I'd start. If she's busy doing as you ask of her, she won't have time to do the things you don't want her to . Here's a most wonderful website that you'll enjoy learning from (as will she, I'm sure!)

In the meantime, you can always put up a little sign on your front door saying something like, "Please be patient. Dog in training, expect to wait up to 5 minutes." You can do the same if you have an answering machine and just have folk leave a message and expect a call back shortly. Whatever you do, just remember to be consistent, consistent, consistent and your work will pay off more quickly than you'd imagine.
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