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Here is my advice

Something my friend who has three bullies told me and we've done it since (13 full months every single time) is not letting your pup in the house EVER until he's done his business outside.
As in, take him out and DO NOT let him back in until he's gone potty. EVER. He has to know that A- if he goes outside, he is outside TO GO potty and B- that's the only place he can go.
Bullies are very stubborn. You may have incidentally taught him to pee in the house when he thinks you're not looking by punishing him for peeing in the house. I've has upwards to 12 dogs in my life in one form or another; and I can tell you, you NEVER teach a dog what you think you're teaching them when punishing for what they've done. For instance: dog pees in house, you rub his nose in it, now (from what most experts think) you've just told your dog that if he pees where you can find it, he's gong to be punished. Now he's going to hide from you to do it. I.e. A corner.
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