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Hi there

Congrats on the new puppy.
First of all, goodluck. You have a mix of two dogs that need ALOT of mental and physical stimulation. Fortunatly, Stimulating your dog can be great fun for both of you, in the process you get excersize too ! so healthy for both

My lab, casey, is... a challenge.. She WANTS to please me in training, but she is so unfocused, and tries to do all her tricks at once. Labs are very happy go lucky and take a nice while to mature mentally. from 2-3 years. I recommend getting the book "click to calm" and getting a clicker.

Your dog is also a mix between a huskey, these dogs can be a little more, independent and "hardheaded" i'll say, not exactly the right word but close enough. They are wonderful animals which require alot of excersize. But not just a walk or two a day,they are true working dogs (so are labs) . They need a big place to run and play and maybe even if you could , when the dog gets older get a packpack for when you walk your dog to make him feel like he has "a job". You might even think of getting involved in some dog sports like agility. dock diving etc . I cannot , and i repeat, I CANNOT stress enough how important it is that your dog get proper, positive reinforcement training and physical stimulation.

Your dog will also need socialization. As huskys can sometimes be very wary of strangers it is very important you socialize him in different situations with different/new people and dogs. Make sure all his encounters with new peoplle and dogs are GOOD experiences, if not that could lead to issues in the future.

I would also like to point you in the direction of a good food. As you seem to be completly new to the dog scene you'll want to look for a good quality grainfree food. Which in the future will help with shedding,weight control, and all in all give him a better qaulity of life. Grocery brand dog foods are filled with corn, as its first ingrediant. Living off of corn is not healthy for ANYBODY especially a dog.

If you have any more specific questions involving anything from food-training feel free to ask. I would beb glad to throw in whatever i know and im sure others would love to help too.
I hope to see you stick around here so you can learn more about dogs and the breeds that are in your puppy. We were all new at this at one point and had no knowledge of raising animals in the best way possible , so dont be intimidated.. i know its taken me years to accumulate the very little knowledge i now posess. Which is not much to alot of other people i know.
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