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1. Whole chickens cut in half (legs and thighs removed for the humans' meals)...air chilled, not water chilled.

2. Chicken livers, hearts, giblets.

3. Huge chunk of beef (comes in about 5 kg pieces)...inside round or chuck.

4. Veal liver, kidney, heart, sweetbread, brain .

5. Long meaty beef ribs.

6. Pork neck, shoulder, etc....any large relatively lean piece of pork.

7. Long meaty pork ribs

8. Frozen sardines/mackerel

9. Eggs

10. Green tripe.

Once in a while we feed other stuff as snacks or Kong stuffers but the above is pretty much their main meals.

Supplements aren't necessary if you're feeding a variety of meats and organs. No point in buying veggies specifically for your pets. Just throw half a handful of whatever you have in the fridge into a juicer or blender and add to meat once or twice a week.

So many factors influence prices. Your location (I think meat is a lot cheaper in the States than in Canada), quality, and where you make your purchases ie. grocery store, poultry store, markets, butchers, wholesale distributors, farmers, etc..
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