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Our Yagi has dealt with constipation since 2 years old. I feel your pain and frustration. I recommend working with your vet on a long-term plan but can share what has worked for us:

1) Canned/wet food only - kibble makes it worse
2) Cisipride - he was on this for years. This actually works as an agent to stimulate the bowels and get things moving. We no longer give this as it isn't easy to find in SK for some odd reason?
3) Restoralax - we give 1/4 tsp twice daily. If we don't see a poop for a day or two.. we up the amount. He's had a few accidents and diarrhea because of it, but I'd rather it out in some fashion vs back to the vet because he's plugged up again.

It's really getting to know and understand your cat's routine. We had no issues for about 3 years and suddenly last year - constipated again, badly. The vet said that as our kitty is getting older, his body is continuing to change and may require more Restoralax over time, or even back on Cisipride if needed. We do the litter daily to watch for poops, and the minute he seems to go off his food we know he's getting plugged back up.

It's certainly manageable. Good luck!
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