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This is why I'm not a big fan of crates. If the dog gets sick and you don't hear it happen the poor thing is stuck lying in pee, poop or puke. With our puppies the crate door was open and the crate was in our gated kitchen. Even in mid winter our latest pup found the crate too hot (aluminum floor heated up from body heat) and would leave it to sleep on the bare floor at night. HUGE caveat, dogs/pups can destroy a kitchen and eat a lot of stuff that might destroy themselves too.

But, I do know many rescues advise crating till the dog gets used to your new house. So, is it big enough? I absolutely do NOT agree that it should be only big enough for the dog to stand up and lie down. As big as possible for me, so they can find a cool spot and avoid the three P's, if they happen. How long is he in it? I picked an arbitrary three hours PER DAY. That only happened for us on the days I had to go shopping or appointments or our one social night out and in a very few weeks new puppy was allowed free roam of the kitchen.

My dog is a Lab, smaller than yours I think. He needs at the very least a 30 inch high crate and that won't fit in my current car. My back hatch opening is only 28 inches. I hope you drive a pick up truck.

But back to your question, if such crating is a must, I'd make sure it's HUGE, move it to a different spot and try starting over. I'd maybe give it a complete rest till I was sure the worms were over. Roundworms, ugh, my boy had them two winters ago and reinfected himself. It took months to get rid of them. Even on the meds the expelled worms, apparently, as per my Vet, look dead. But they're not, they are paralysed and can't move but they're not dead. And a dog can reinfect himself by eating them, they come back to life in his gut, or inhaling the eggs that you probably can't even see. So cramped in one spot where that could happen isn't a good idea.

WEll good luck there. I know, not very cheerful. He looks lovely, though we need to see more of him.
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