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11m adopted dog suddenly hates crate

Hi All, We adopted Jack from a rescue group from Louisiana 3 weeks ago. We have had him for 3 weeks and he has adapted very well except for crate issues.
He initially loved his crate but was a bit reluctant to go in for the night. He was enticed by a treat and slept through the night. 2 nights ago he did a little poo in his crate and got very upset trying to bury it and woke us up at 5 am banging around in the crate. After we washed everything out and the crate he now refuses to go in even for a treat. I put his food bowl in and he still refused to go in. Last night we gave him a little but push and he went to bed. This morning he had regurgitated food in his crate and when I walked him we discovered worms in his poo. We had it checked an hour ago and vet said mild case of roundworm and we gave him a dose of dewormer. My question to everyone is this. Should we put him in his crate again tonight and if not will this undo his previous crate training? Where should we keep him if not and when should we restart crate training and how? We understand now that it was his not feeling well that started the problem but want to get back to using a crate as we go to our cottage often and want his bed situation stable and consistant. We plan on travelling with him by car in the future so crating is a must. By the way his bread is mixed. Photo attached.
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