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Unhappy Is it time? 15yr old cat with CKD, Pancreatitis & a tumor

My beloved 15.5 year old cat is nearing the end and I need help in when to make the dreaded decision.

4 months ago, she was diagnosed with high blood pressure, secondary to chronic kidney disease and enlarged lymphs. Additional diagnosis of either IBD or lymphoma – not confirmed as I won’t put her through surgery at her age. She began going to the bathroom all around the apartment 5 months ago after a move, although it's gotten worse.

1 month ago, she had another ultrasound and was subsequently diagnosed with pancreatitis and has a mass, the vet believes is likely malignant.

Her 'bathroom' habits have become urinary incontinence where she ends up with urine all over her hind legs. Her bowel movements have been soft for weeks now, never in the box, and proving discomfort to her by her scurrying around before and after, trying to clean herself (of which I help her) only to growl and make odd noises clearly indicating her behind is sore and irritated.

She's been hiding daily, although not ALL day. On the other hand, she still purrs, eats and drinks a ton, and seems ok. She's currently on anti-hypertensive, steroids, and what seems to be continuous bouts of antibiotics.

HELP! I don't know if it's time yet or not. I don't want her to suffer but I'm afraid of doing it too early and not considering a potential resolution (or maintenance, rather) that could help her.

Please advise. The nearly complete incontinence is the newest and saddest part, hence me writing this post. It just seems to keep getting worse.
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