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Originally Posted by cdan508 View Post
what do you think of feeding TD Feline Dry Cat Food to a 10 year old Female Domestic Shorthair Cat. Should I change to a Wellness or Innova brand or stay with TD Feline. I am looking for a Premium brand Dry and Wet cat food. Any advice is very much appreciate. Thank You.
I would not recommend the t/d. One reason is it says on the bag that it is recommended that you only feed t/d for the best dental results. Well, IMHO, cats should be fed wet food for the moisture but if it's a cost issue, then feed half wet and half dry at least. T/d is like mcdonalds. I would suggest feeding that has acn identifiable meat in the first three ingredients if not all three. Plus whole ingredients not ones like brewers rice. Grain-free foods are great but not for all cats. Some good brands are wellness, go!natural, nature's variety (Instinct, Prairie, Homestyle varieties). Taste of the wild and Chicken Soup for the Cat soul are good reasonably priced brands. Also, you don't really need to feed absenior food just feed adult food.
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