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Originally Posted by rumshenoy View Post
My 9 year old German shepherd(female) recently stopped eating suddenly about 4 days back. We called a local vet who usually treats her and he gave her 2 injections( of what I couldn't obtain information but I assume it was just pain killers).He said it was just a basic stomach infection.She started eating the same evening but had a lot of discomfort in the night. I stayed up with her and took her immediately to a vet hospital the next morning where we conducted blood tests. The reports showed she had BUN : 78.2 and creatine:6. The doctor told us she has kidney failure and we should abandon all hope. He suggested IV fluids and Renal Diet and Sucralfate for the stomache. My family and I are yet to recover from this . I t was a shock. I didnt believe the doctor and consulted with a second doctor anyhow. Though he confirmed the fact he suggested Azodyl.
Now,my question is that whenever I give my dog sucralfate she ends up vomiting instantly. The doctor is not responding and is very rude. Is she allergic to it.? Is it advisable to give it even after she keeps throwing up yellow pleghm and the sucralfate along with it?Is the sucralfate causing her pain?If anyone has been through this please help.

We started giving her Azodyl today.
I would just like to add that my dog is of a very fiery character right from childhood. She was very adventurous and even now is filled with loads of energy.And I will not give up my efforts in making her survive.
Does your dog get the sucralfate with food , if not would it help to made sure she has eaten first? I would not use the vet anymore if he is rude.
I am sorry to hear your dog is sick. When my dog had cancer in his kidney he would vomit right after eating and was not able to eat at the end.
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