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Re pomegranates

Originally Posted by Barkingdog View Post
It's not a good idea to feed wild animals , they needs to be able find food on their own in order to survive . I was told by a wildlife expert when a person feed a wildlife animal it could lose it natural fear of people and thrust the wrong one and be killed . Wildlife animals needs to be treats as a wild animal if you find one that needs help call a wildlife expert and let them care for it.
Thank you for your reply.I understand and agree, but if I do not feed them personally and leave some of the fruit in a park, or on a corner of the lawn, and do not actually personally feed them,but just leave outside, is this ok? I am wondering if their digestion is ok eating this fruit.I purchased some on sale and cannot eat them as they are not good, so thought maybe to leave them outside....? Thanks.🙂
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