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Unhappy New puppy and older dog suddenly not getting along

We got our new malshi-poo puppy 3 weeks ago (heís now 11 weeks) and after the first few days of being unsure, my older 9 year old Malshi dog started playing with him, making sure he was okay and even some cuddling (when puppy was calm enough)
But this morning puppy suddenly started biting all over my older dog like he was gnawing on a chew toy, and my older dog obviously wasnít happy about it so he growled at him which made my puppy seem to get more aggressive and lunge at him, my older dog pinned him down but didnít do anything aggressive but underneath him my puppy was growling and wiggling and trying to bite. I told my older dog to sit, went to scoop up my puppy and he started growling at me and trying to bite my hands. I put his in his playpen to calm down and I thought he had but as soon as I put him back out of the playpen he ran at my older dog to start chewing on him again, and my older dog was shaking a bit and the puppy is back in his playpen. Iím not sure what happened or what to do.
Heís super chewy and bitey today, and his sleep schedule seems really off so he seems cranky but he had just had a nap and theyíve been playing amazing for 2 weeks now. Any tips or thoughts?
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