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Hi Linglan and welcome to the board.
In response to what breed you have, my guess is they are both domestic long hair kitties. Beautiful ones at that!
Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest cat breeds are usually suspected by owners when ever they see photos of them and they are lucky enough to own lovely DLH's like your's, but unfortunately, with these breeds, (Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest cats),they do resemble in many ways perfectly un-purebreed or pedigreed kitties.
I own 3 pedigreed Maine Coons and have had so many photos sent to me asking if the kitty they found is in fact a Maine Coon and my response to them is usually that the only positive way to know your kitty is pure Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest cat is to have the pedigree line in front of you on their registration papers.
There are many qualities that when all combined will usually point to a pure Maine Coon, some being the cat is VERY sturdily built and solid..usually fairly large in stature as well...16-20 pounds for a female is quite common. The heads are square..right to the muzzle and broad with a nose that is slightly upturned at the end, eyes are large and wide set, ears are large and quite wide at the base, and have large tufts at the end. The feet are huge!!! I have the bruises on my abdomen to prove that one!!! and the temperament should be pretty laid back and gentle.
I also will say that all 3 of mine have varying temperaments on the laid back part.
I don't have specifics on the Norwegian Forest cat, but likely the same things would apply in varying degrees.
They are beautiful. Enjoy them for who they are and not what they may be!!!
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