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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Oh boy, this sounds familiar--only our male cat, who was 3 and here first, tends to get a lot rougher with his new sister than it sounds like yours is doing. She showed up just a few month ago and we're still supervising them closely. When they first see each other, they touch noses and, after 2 months, she started to rub his face and along his side in that initial greeting. And then the chasing starts...
Hi! This sounds pretty much exactly like our situation -- he appears to be trying to establish dominance and is now trying to pin her down and nip at her haunches. I don't think he's trying to hurt her (no claws etc) but it's really frustrating -- for us and for the cats! 2 months -- yikes!

I would say there isn't any behaviour issue (elimination etc) though our older guy, who is usually so sweet and affectionate, is laser-focused on the new girl and isn't really his usual self. We are keepign them mostly apart (her in a safe room) and letting them meet for a couple of hours a day. Baby steps ...

PS. Thanks for EVERYONE'S reply -- I will post some photos soon!
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