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It's an optimistic day! They were up together twice, with Dusty in the kennel most of the time. I let her out with treats on the floor for a few seconds at a time so they know good things happen when they're together. It seems to be working.

The second session was the longer one--about an hour with both in the room and maybe 10 minutes total with both of them free. At one point, they were both standing with front paws on my knee to take a treat, heads only a few inches apart. Another time, JD was in a drowsy meatloaf posture and Dusty approached him. He reached up to sniff as she reached down to touch noses, all very amicable Then she batted him upside the head with her right paw! He flicked his ear, then turned his head away, and that was it! No retaliation! I ended the session there, on a positive note, by crinkling the treat bag again and doling out another snack.

I think that was a positive meeting, notwithstanding a little batting. Am I right, or am I missing something?
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