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That makes sense about the territory issue and being in different living areas. Unfortunately, we don't have a doorway, or an extra room, to close off for just Dusty (small house, too many mammals in it! ) The only room that would maybe work would be the family room, but it's a communal area. So I can't keep her there all the time, but we still have the kennel in there that she can use when she's in the house. Maybe if we just have Dusty in the kennel during those times that JD comes up? He's there for half an hour in the afternoon and about an hour-and-a-half in the evening--just him and me, occasionally Grace. The rest of the time, he's in his basement Kitty Palace, and maybe he'll just assume she's in the family all the time now?

I did bring Dusty in again and put her in the kennel in the family room before bringing JD up. There was a little batting and hissing, but then I started thinking that maybe I could show them good things happen when they're together. A friend had sent us some salmon treats a while back and I know JD likes them, so I gave Dusty a few in the kennel and dropped a few just outside the kennel for JD. They ate them peaceably, side by side (well, yeah, but with the kennel door between them ). Dusty even reached through the bars and hooked one of JDs treats out from under his nose.

After that, there was no more hissing or batting. They stared at each other for a while, and then JD came up on my lap. So now I'm more encouraged again... (Yes, I know--mercurial moods! I'm known for them! )

btw, I love that idea of the mesh window in the bottom of the door barrier! Did you hinge the door, too?
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