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[QUOTE=Goldfields;1052037]I love your photo of him with the dog. A friend's father here used to keep foxes as pets, but they were born in the wild red foxes. Kai seems very content and I agree about dogs. You can't get anything much more feral than our Aussie dingo, yet the aboriginals tamed them and kept them as pets and for hunting. Cats to me seem one step closer than dogs to their wild ancestors.[/QUOTE]

Cats ARE one step closer to the wild than dogs. Maybe several steps. One source I found says cats are thought to have been domesticated around 3,000 BC while dogs were domesticated around 12,000 BC. That's a huge, huge difference. For most of us, as per a cat documentary on TV some years ago, living with a cat is the closest we will get to living with a wild animal.

My Vet says he learned in Vet school that of all domesticated animals cats and pigs will adapt to feral living faster and more successfully than any other domesticated animal.
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