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The thing with grains, besides the fact that cats really shouldn't be eating them anyway, is that they take longer to digest than raw. This means they could potentially "stall" raw meat in the digestive tract and create a more favourable environment for bacteria to prosper. Personally, I think this applies to all kibble, grain-free or not.

Couple questions for you: do you free-feed the dry? If so, that could be part of the problem with Hamisch not eating raw, and also a big factor in Jarydd's weight gain. Have you tried canned? Perhaps that would make the transition to raw easier for Hamisch. It's also less likely that Jarydd will gain weight if there's no dry in the picture.

So that's my suggestion - ditch ALL dry, grain-free or not, and feed a combo of quality grain-free canned and raw until you can convince Hamisch how good a raw diet would be for her. Good luck!
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