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Senility in Cats Discussion

Thought I would open a discussion about cats ans senility and see if anyone else has a cat that shows this kind of behaviour?

Lately Tabitha has been a bit off. She has been urinating occasionally outside the box. She has ideopathic cystitis so its not surprising that this happens. What I am wondering is if she is going senile. Your proabably all laughing!! but I am serious she has been strange.

She will let out this meow that is very loud and it is sometimes continuous. (When Bomber was alive she would make this meow and he would come running! ) She will move from room to room on the main floor like she is looking for something. On one occasion she promptly went upstairs to our bedroom and pee'd. Once I noticed the relation ship between the meow I now pick her up and take her downstairs and place her in the box. (its located in the basement of the house) She always promptly goes??? Its like she has forgotten where the litter box is but on any other day and in the same day she will go and use the litter box on her own???

She has also decided that when she wants attention she wants attention but she becomes very vocal while driving you nuts!

She is 15 years old.
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