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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
Was anyone checking in on them while you were away?
Yes she was at someone else's house. She got sick again probably about 2 days before we arrived.

Do you know the name of the antibiotics, and what antibiotics she was given previously?
The antibiotics is: Clavamox drops.

What were the eye drops? Did you get them from the vet?
The eye drops are: Fucithalmic* Vet Eye Gel

Was any blood work done?
There hasn't been blood work done.

Which flavour? Dry or wet? What was she eating before you switched?
She has always been on dry food, we tried wet food with her and she won't eat it. When the seizures started happening she was on SmartKitty

Clay clumping? If so, please switch to something else, like a non-clumping newspaper based litter. Eating clumping litter can be extremely dangerous and unless you're guarding the box 24/7, she will probably sneak some while you aren't watching. Litter-eating can be a sign of anemia, or it can just be a type of pica (eating inedible substances).
Also, she had another seizure last night...
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