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Stella & Chewy's raw dog foods

Is anyone familiar with this product, especially the lamb? (raw,not the freeze dried items). I would like to hear from those who use it. Here in my area, no one sells it. The biggest seller is Nature's Variety, Primal, Bravo and K-9 Kraving in Maryland.

I have some severe issues with Nature's Variety because we noticed, along with friends of ours, that they advertise on the raw products as "ground bone" Yes, we all know this is a 'bone in product' like all of them, but I find it very hard to 'digest' (no pun intended) that what N.V. considers to be ground bone, is not at all. They use actual LARGE bone pieces in the shape of stones and jagged bone fragments.

About 100 of us have done the test with one of their lamb patties and to our amazement came up with HUGE amounts of what would be allowed legal in our area. The amounts are over what a dog can digest. Any NV users, do the test yourself. Take a lamb patty and place it in hot water...wait for all the bones to hit the will change your mind about feeding the raw NV diet.

I am interested in seeing responses from current NV users, as well as Stella & Chewy's & k9 kraving.
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