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Scarlett Needs Your help - Boxer near Vancouver BC

Meet Scarlett. She is a beautiful yes and young yes. But she is a very busy girl. Did we mention BUSY? We need a foster home or hopefully a foster to adopt scenario. We would provide training but you need to provide everyday exercise and commitment to this girl. Scarlett has a knee injury that doesn't stop her from being active which would be why it can't get fixed right now. Hopefully with exercise and structure. And with training we can get Scarlett that surgery but it would be further on down the road. She is good with other dogs but would be very annoying right now. We don't know about cats but that is where your commitment to her would come in. Yes to children.
Yes she is beautiful. Yes she is only 16months young and yes she is BUSY VERY BUSY.

If you are interested in learning more about Scarlett or would like to foster or adopt this busy gal please visit our site at to fill out an adoption application. A volunteer will be in touch with you.
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