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Many thanks all!!

Going to take her back in Fri or Sat for follow up blood work and talk to the vet about extending the treatment time!! 1 of the positives for Nicaragua--you can pretty much get any meds you want without a Dr prescription,lol And many of the drugs are the exact same you use in N.America, at a fraction of the cost!!

Back to the Vet this Friday at 10 am to recheck her bloodwork! And get my dog tested again!! back in June she had a lot of ticks on her (even with Frontline) and tested negative! Doesnt hurt to test again--even though she appears normal! Vet visit here is very inexpensive!! Mels last visit cost a total of $85--that included the snap test, other bloodwork, the vet visit and 3 weeks of Doxy!! And this vet is considered $$$$!!! Many vets here practice out of their homes--just a small office/room attached to their house!! We got to witness that first hand when we had to rush 1 dog we were looking after (belonged to the school) when her internal stitches broke from being spayed!! Was right out of the movies,lol Almost ran out, as it didnt look overly clean--his Vet Dr cert was photo-copied!! Right across from his "operating room" was the families kitchen table--and they were eating,lol!! He stated he had to get some saline solution--got into his broken down 1970's datsun and went to the local pharmacy,lol Stood there and watched him do the whole procedure (I'm a RN, so doesn't bother me) Wife could not watch!! Was an eye-opening experience! But he did a good job.

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