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Thanks everyone! We've had him for juuuust under a week, and so far it's wonderful!

Adorable lil Gizmo for fast easy training & a wonderful furever home (or foster failure )
DH already made me SWEAR that this wasn't a trick to adopt another dog.

Let's just say.... crossed!

Ah Bailey...You and your family are 's! Is your daughter o.k. with him?

He's looking like he's fittin' right in and 's to Blaze!
Kiley is doing fairly well. She loves animals and gets veerrrrrry excited when she see's one she hasn't seen before. (Going to the dog park with my daughter is extremly hilarious.)
The only thing we're watching is to ensure that Gizmo can handle her excitement and that he doesn't get too scared by her. She claps, laughs, makes lots of OOOOH! noises and because he's five years old, we aren't sure if he was ever around kids and are continuing to take extra precautions. So far he doesn't go up to her on his own free will, but also doesn't run away when she comes clomping over to him, so I have to give him props.
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