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Say Hello to our First Foster, GIZMO!

I've been holding off posting this as we wanted to get some decent pictures of our new (and first) foster doggy 'Gizmo'. He's a bundle of fluff and so incredibly sweet with his two new bigger sisters.

Gizmo is a five year old papillionX, and was found as a stray with another larger breed dog. As far as I can tell, Gizmo is not completley house-trained, though he's learning fast. He hates his crate, so we've been working on that over the past few days, and isn't a big fan of his leash. He is great with cats though, so it does lead me to believe he came from a pet-household, and while he's a bit wary of my daughter, he's tolerated her quite well so far. Gizmo had to have quite a few of his teeth removed and was not neutered when found. (He's still healing from this surgery and now has a microchip.)

We're very excited to be first-foster parents, and will keep you posted on his progress!!

Second day home, making himself at home!

Blaze & Gizmo, best buds!
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