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Thank You, Bailey

Thank you for taking the time to read my lengthy post and to offer observations and suggestions.

To my knowledge, the full litter--all 6 puppies--were removed from their mother at 6 weeks of age.

I see your point about volunteers not necessarily knowing how to adequately socialize pups.

If you were asking about pinning Pete to the ground to discourage the excessive jumping... My wife has done this with some kennel pups (about 6 months old) who had not been socialized and who were rather too aggressive in their play and greetings with people. One in particular responded well only after she pinned him to the ground and held him until he relaxed/submitted. She did this for 2-3 days and then the jumping behavior completely stopped.

We have tried doing the same with Pete. Asking for submission by pushing him to the ground (not angrily or with mean intent) and gently restraining him there until his physical energy settles. We would then slowly release the pressure, us being totally quiet and calm, retracting and distancing us from him by several feet. It would seem to work at having an immediate calming effect, but as soon as either we or he would innitiate any contact with him, the excessive jumping/climbing behavior begins again--yet with great enthusiasm.

I agree with Pete's climbing on people as him trying to be dominant and in control of the situation. I have to admit that while I try to remind everybody that interacts with Pete that this behavior is to be discouraged, there is some inconsistency. You bring up some excellent points. Fortunately there is a dog trainer center with several behaviorists just a block down the street. I will be seeking out their help and expertise. Thank you very much again.
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