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Creepy kitten-mom interaction

I'm used to seeing Newt, and her male kitten, Newton, play with each other - their interaction is fairly normal (and often comical) to observe. Now it looks like Newt is in heat, and during their play sessions, Newton (who is 14 weeks old) is trying to 'mount' her mom - a little disturbing to watch. He gets on top of Newt and bites the nape of her neck. What's strange is Newt is allowing him to do this without much of a protest; Newt could kick Newton's butt clear across the next room if she wanted to, so clearly, she is allowing this to happen. This type of behaviour has happened several times in the past couple of weeks.

Now Newt will finally get spayed later this week (yay!), so it will no longer be an issue at that time. I'm just wondering if I should be worried about this behaviour in the meantime? I wouldn't think Newton would be sexually mature yet.
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